Bernard Kearse

When most people think of more complex estate planning, they think trusts. Trusts are very flexible vehicles that can be made to fit almost any family situation and financial structure, but they also come with some complex laws attached. While we use the word complex, this is something you can understand with proper help, and you don’t need significant assets for a trust to be the right choice.

In fact, many people elect to have trusts for reasons other than significant wealth and taxes. Sometimes your life doesn’t fit into the cookie-cutter traditional family. Sometimes kids need help because of special needs or maybe because the economy wasn’t what it once was and you want to make certain that they have money at their retirement. Or maybe you’re concerned about a child’s choice of his or her spouse and where your money would go in case of a divorce or death.

You’ll spend a lifetime building your wealth for you and your family, and you deserve to have everything protected and be distributed on your terms. You can use a trust to grow your legacy and protect it from the government or maybe one of your loved ones.

This website provides a lot of information through videos and articles on these and other issues. But most important, if you want to talk to us about a question that you may have regarding your estate plan, we offer a free 15 minute consultation to address that particular issue. And this is the case with the other sponsors as well. So you’re not alone in getting an answer. Just give us a call!