Mark Stevens

Develop a Budget

So, here’s an interesting question for you to consider. How would you grade yourself on how well you manage your money? If you could rank yourself on a scale of one to ten, with ten meaning you’ve always done everything perfect with your money, how would you rank yourself?

Most people rank themselves between a six and an eight. But many people rank themselves much lower than that. I suppose how we rank ourselves is relative to what we think is good. What do you think is good?

How we manage our money is far more important than most people realize. Actually it’s more important than even some financial advisors realize.

Have you heard the phrase that “most wealth is lost in the way people manage their money”? This is referring to the amount of money that people could be using each month to advance their Wealthgrade but are instead spending it on other areas, or worse; going into debt and causing their Wealthgrade to go backwards.

By the way, if you want to know your Wealthgrade you can find out in just a few minutes by clicking on the link here on this page for a Free Wealthgrade Report.

You might be interested to know that the reason we encourage folks to start with a Money Organizer Plan is in large part because of the budgeting tool within the plan. It’s called a Stress-Free Budget. Most people like the Stress-Free Budget because it gives them a guideline for where to spend their money each month. I like it because it’s so easy to understand, and because, if followed, IT WORKS!

Your budget should allow you to enjoy your life today but also make darn sure you can enjoy your retirement years without being afraid of running out of money.

The way you manage your money is critical to your ability to reach your financial goals.

If you want to get organized and set up your own Stress-Free Budget, here are two options for you:

1) If you like to do things yourself then you’ll enjoy this option. Go to and sign up for the Free Five-Week Challenge. This experience will also cover some behavioral issues you may have that are keeping you from advancing your Wealthgrade.

2)Or, if you would like us to do a Money Organizer Plan for you and give you guidance on where you should be spending your money in order to reach your goals, click on the link above and schedule a Free 15 minute call and we can talk about your #1 financial goal and how to reach that goal

But no matter what you do, just remember the choices you make can have a significant difference to how you enjoy your life now and in the future.