Mark Stevens

Financial Planning

Benjamin Franklin said if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

After more than twenty years as a Financial Planner I can honestly say there isn’t much that surprises me anymore. But I recently read a statistic that wasn’t as much a surprise, as it was a concern. Maybe you’ll feel the same way when I tell it to you.

The statistic was that just 20% of Americans have completed a comprehensive financial plan. And here’s why that concerns me: I know what happens without a financial plan. I can’t tell you how many times I have done an initial consultation with someone nearing retirement who is filled with worry because they have not taken the time to plan.

So it made me wonder. Do most people not have a comprehensive financial plan because they think financial plans are too complicated or is it because they think a financial plan is too expensive?

You know what? Financial plans don’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Now, it’s true that some people have really complicated financial affairs which requires a lot of consultative time and analytics, perhaps even tax and legal assistance, and that can get expensive.

But most people simply need to understand how to get started, and most importantly, how to follow through. And that doesn’t require as much time as you think.

Here’s a tip- Start with organizing your money by emphasizing proper management of the four cornerstones of financial security. This includes the crucial exercise of determining your ideal cash flow plan, which we call a Stress-Free Budget. The reason this is such a critical part of planning is because most wealth is lost in the way we manage our money day in and day out.

So, what is the #1 financial issue on your mind today?

OK, now if you were to design a plan to solve that one issue, how would you feel?

You see that is how easy it is to get started. And I promise it will be far more enjoyable than you can imagine. So right after you listen to this write down that one issue, what it would take to give you peace about that issue and how you plan to get started.

Use the articles and videos on this page or anywhere on this site that relates to that issue, to help you.

And if you have any questions, you can schedule a Free 15 minute consultation with me and I will help answer your questions. Just click the link above and schedule your own appointment. And best of all it’s Free.

My goal is to make you feel good about taking this step and help you keep that momentum going to solve that financial concern once and for all.

Not having a plan is like being lost without a map.

You can become paralyzed and not move in any direction for fear of moving in the wrong direction. You don’t have to be lost like so many others, you just need to focus on one thing at a time, and just remember we’re here to help.