Mark Stevens

College Planning: High Schoolers

When clients of high school aged children ask me about college planning, they are not as much concerned about where to invest and save for college, but instead how are they going to help their kids pay the bill. They often have questions about what resources besides college savings can they use to help their kids with the costs of college.

There’s no doubt that college is expensive. For those I talk with, the goal is almost always to help their kids get through college without having to carry any debt after graduation. But sometimes there’s just no way around it. In an effort to help minimize this, we have provided a variety of resources on our Fiscal Fitness Center for your benefit.

As you explore this section of our website you will find articles and videos to help answer just about every question you have. That includes information on 529’s, student loans, Scholarships, and even federal financial aid programs.

One thing you want to keep in mind; is that many programs have deadlines, so you’ll want to do your research right away so you are prepared to meet these deadlines. If you like, look below for the article called Financial Aid Calendar.

You may be surprised at what’s available to your children through grants and other types of aid. So I encourage you to spend a little time getting educated on what’s available by reading “Financial Aid 101” on this page. I know if will really help if you set aside some time to do your research. Start with the articles below, and if you still have questions, you can schedule a Free 15 minute call with me and I will help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.